Solve for X

Solve for X: Where Academia Meets Industry

Solve for X: Where Academia Meets Industry

The Solve for X programme provides professional and innovative training and networking that ensures Scholars have the skills, confidence and networks that are essential for their career. Solve for X is delivered in partnership with Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Newton Gateway to Mathematics and hosted by St John’s College, Cambridge.

Applying an innovative approach that bridges the success of both study groups and doctoral training centres, Solve for X is a multi-year development challenge that promotes collaboration and gives Scholars the opportunity to apply their knowledge in an industry context. Martingale Scholars complete the challenge by pitching their solutions at the end of the week to an expert panel.

Solve for X: Training Camp (Masters)

During Masters, Scholars attend a four-day training camp that provides the fundamental skills on working with Industry. In groups, they will work to develop proposed solutions to industry problems that have been previously solved through mathematical collaborations in the past, enabling Scholars to think outside the box and develop key skills within a supportive and controlled environment.

Over the four days, groups work with experienced academic professionals to guide them through the process of applying their mathematical knowledge in an industry context. Communication and pitch training rounds out this training package to ensure Scholars can convey their solutions in a clear and engaging way.

Scholars are mentored over the week by experts in their field, providing support and encouragement before giving their pitch.

Martingale PhD Scholars who have not done the Masters Development Programme will have the option to attend the training camp in year 1 of their PhD.

Solve for X: Where Academia meets Industry (PhD)

At the end of their second year of PhD, Martingale PhD Scholars then apply their specialist skills to real world problems currently being tackled by industry. The programme will work with leading industry partners, leveraging the extensive network of partners already established at the INI.

Scholars are arranged into interdisciplinary groups to work through industry-provided challenges over 5 days and develop a proposed solution. Scholars then pitch their solutions to a panel comprising industry and academic experts along with the industry partners they have been working with.

The challenge provides Scholars a unique experience to work closely with industry and gain further understanding of the transferrable skills between academia and industry. It also gives industry a unique opportunity to work closely with a diverse group of talented mathematicians that are studying at leading UK universities.