The Martingale Development Programme

Be part of a pioneering cohort of future STEM leaders

As a Martingale Scholar, you will have access to a multi-year programme of support, including leadership training, career development and engagement opportunities. Through the programme, you will gain access to a network of leading universities and businesses, including research and industry placements, and will have opportunities to meet with leading figures from across academia and industry.

Academic Studies

Your Masters course will mostly include taught courses and a small-scale research project, through which you will be supported to develop a PhD proposal. Martingale Masters Scholars will be supported to apply for a Martingale PhD Scholarship. Subsequently, your PhD will mostly focus on developing an extended research project or thesis, in which you will be closely supported by an academic supervisor and an associated research group.

Each university and department will have their own distinct approach, so it is important to explore your options thoroughly before applying. If you have a preferred field of study, or perhaps even a tentative PhD proposal, you should investigate potential supervisors and research groups that you may ultimately want to work alongside.

Career development

Alongside your postgraduate degree, Martingale Scholars receive leadership training, engagement and career development opportunities.

You will be part of a pioneering cohort of postgraduate students, who will become colleagues and friends in the years ahead. While you may be placed at different universities, you will have a common purpose and shared experiences. The programme is focused on your time as a postgraduate student; however, we hope you will consider yourself a Martingale Scholar for life.