Masters Development Programme

About the Masters Development Programme

The Masters Development Programme (MDP) is a unique offering that runs alongside your Masters at a Martingale partner university. It combines key skills development, engagement opportunities and access to a network of leading figures across academia and industry to support you to become a STEM leader. The MDP sets the foundations for the Martingale PhD Leadership Programme which is a multi-year programme supporting you throughout your PhD.

The programme is designed to complement your Masters course, and comprises a series of events and away days. At these away days, you will work with a wide range of award-winning training providers, top academics, and industry partners to develop key skills which are vital to career and personal development. These days will also be a chance to get to know others on the programme and build a sense of community.

Throughout the year-long MDP, there are sessions including on communications skills and public speaking, confidence, and academic networking. The MDP culminates in Solve for X, in which you will work in groups to solve an industry-related problem, applying your academic knowledge and the skills you have learnt during the programme.

Throughout the MDP you will be able to draw on the support of the Martingale team, Martingale supporters and partners, and your fellow Martingale Scholars.