Meet Iman, 2023 Martingale Scholar


Iman is part of the inaugural cohort of 2023 Martingale Scholars. Iman will be starting an integrated PhD at UCL, pursuing her passion for machine learning and statistics.

‘My bachelor’s years [as a Mathematics student] were highly formative not only through outstanding teaching but also enriching research opportunities. Spending hours on end thinking, reading, solving mathematical problems on numerous topics made me realise the importance of Pure Mathematics in Data-intensive Sciences and their large number of questions left to be solved through research.

I soon discovered that Machine Learning Theory perfectly resonates with my combined wish to solve abstract questions in Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics while keeping an anchor in the life sciences. I knew from then that I wanted to become one of those Maths and Machine Learning researchers working to find real-world improvements on the long-end.

I was particularly drawn to the Martingale Foundation for their promotion of shared education and community among passionate mathematicians with diverse research interests and backgrounds.

If you are looking forward to furthering your studies into a research career and value the opportunity to meet incredible mathematicians with backgrounds across all boards, this scholarship and community may be the one for you.’

Everyone at the Martingale Foundation wishes Iman and the rest of the 2023 Martingale Scholars all the best with starting their courses this autumn. You can read about Iman and find out more information on how to apply to the next cohort of 2024 Martingale Scholars in the Programme Brochure.